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Candle Metronome I

Candle Metronome I (2022)

walnut wood, wax, steel, aluminum, nails, contact microphones, amp, delay pedal

The Candle Metronome is a self-playing and durational musical instrument. As the candle burns, the nails fall into the different sized bowls, which resonates the contact microphones and amplifies the sounds with a delay. 


To the right is a brief sample of the sounds recorded during its last performance. 

Transmission Stations I, II, III

Transmission Stations I, II, III (2021-2022)

pine wood, oak wood, bass wood, silver, glass, steel, tin, 

Transmission Stations I and II are composed of oak spindles turned on a lathe. The concave mirrors enclosed within were hand plated with silver nitrate. They are to be installed directly facing one another. 


The third transmission station is a shelf made of the same materials, made to house anything that may arise.

Glyph Cloth I


Glyph Cloth I (2022)

silk, acrylic box

Glyph Cloth I is heat embossed silk enclosed in a case.

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